Our Story We are a network of spicy, grass-root, and diverse social initiators who want to see a change in the world, community by community. Most of us have gone through extensive and life-changing experience during the 7-month international leadership programme at kanthari institute in Kerala, India (www.kanthari.org).

A kanthari is a very small, but very spicy chilli plant that grows wild in many countries of the Southern Hemisphere thus it stands as a symbol of a changemaker that challenges the status quo and brings a positive difference for people who are marginalized (in any way). We are kantharis and each of us is driven by grass-root and community leadership values, and has a unique approach in spicing-up the world.


“We're always open to accepting new members to our network. It's a great way to stay connected.”

Anja Pfaffenzeller
chairperson, kanthari changemakers

Green - Grassroots Initiators

Green kantharis initiators want to create ethical social change by starting grassroot projects with innovative approaches.

Yellow - Innovative Initiators

Yellow kantharis create new products, strategies or concepts for social change.

Orange - Entrepreneurial Initiators

Orange kantharis entrepreneurs use business as a tool for sustainable social change.

Red - Activist Initiators

Red kantharis advocate for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes or harmful norms.

Purple - Creative Initiators

Purple kanthari artists use their creativity and art as a tool for making a difference.

United Vision

A world spiced up by grass-root change makers catalyzing innovative approaches to social challenges.

A Simple Mission

To establish a cross-border collaborative platform for 'kanthari' changemakers and friends to share ideas, challenges and solutions.

Living, Breathing Objectives

  1. To establish an efficient self-governing structure.
  2. To provide a sustainable and efficient means of engaging members to implement their concepts and ideas for social change.
  3. To offer peer support and promote interaction amongst network members as well as with kanthari institute participants.
  4. To promote, among members, an interest in the affairs and well-being of other changemakers.
  5. To promote effective communication and sharing of information between network members, kanthari institute, its participants and alumni.
  6. To promote projects and activities of members by enhancing their visibility on an international level through various medias and forms of presentation.
  7. To initiate programs for the benefit of themembers by establishing region-based or project-based subgroups or branches in different countries.
  8. To set up a continuous learning system for the members through such means as organizing workshops, online and in person meetings for their development.
  9. To serve as a platform through which members may coordinate their fundraising efforts.