Strength Through Solidarity

About the Strength Through Solidarity project

As a collective of youth workers and activists who strive to empower marginalized communities in Poland, India, Australia, Belgium, Thailand, Germany, Uganda, Serbia and Brazil. We realized that many of us face similar challenges — and that's how the Strength Through Solidarity project was born! We have created an online platform for changemakers from around the world can learn from each other in a learning environment, which is easily accessible to all users with or without disabilities in the some of the most remote locations without reliable electricity and internet. Our online learning platform is available in the following languages:

Featured Online Courses

A group of youtworkers from different continents, some of them with white canes, standing ready to do something.

Advocacy – an effective tool to achieve positive social change

InstructorJessica Schroeder
Length6 hours
Enrolled27 students

Being an advocate myself, combating discrimination towards disabled persons in Europe and all over the world, I would start to say that Advocating for something simply means explaining, enlightening or raising awareness....

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Four youthworkers from Uganda, Poland, Brazil and Australia posing a selfie on the beach

Peer Support for changemakers

InstructorAnja Pfaffenzeller
Length3 hours
Enrolled33 students

Have you ever felt like the only person on the planet going through a certain difficulty? Have you ever thought you are the only crazy person trying to change the world? If so, peer support is exactly the right approach for you....

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A group of dark and white skinned youth standing in a group holding eachothers arms

Intercultural Communication

InstructorKasia Blasinska
Length4 hours
Enrolled41 students

Get to know fundamental principles and issues of intercultural communication. It develops a perception of and appreciation for different cultural values. You are welcome to take your friends, employees, volunteers with you....

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A young woman from India in orange traditional dress smiling. Visually impaired herself, she runds a sensitization project for visually impaired youth.

Disability Awareness

InstructorTiffany Brar
Length5 hours
Enrolled24 students

A unique opportunity to gain greater understanding, practical knowledge and skills, to collaborate, interact with persons with disabilities and marginalized individuals using empathy and expanded awareness of their lives and situation....

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Picture shows a blackboard (under a palm tree) which contains a big arrow drawing and text"Thumbs Up Academy - registration and progess"- written on it - this is the project of the course instructor

Empowering yourself and your community

InstructorSamuel Odwar
Length2 hours
Enrolled50 students

In every moment of life there’s a new commitment. Just move with me through this topic to discover your self-confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem & self-worthiness. How to empower yourself or others in your community....

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Bob Marek, an expert in educational technologies for visually impaired, volunteering with HEAD Nepal community organization

Volunteering: change yourself – change others

InstructorAnca David
Length3 hours
Enrolled45 students

Inspired by my own experience with volunteering, I wanted to share with other persons around the globe some aspects of this unique activity and how it can change someone's lifetime in a meaningful and long-lasting manner....

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Course instructor Tomek with a camera smiling, ready to teach how to create your first online course in Moodle.

Developing content for E-learning

InstructorTomek Kozakiewicz
Length4 hours
Enrolled26 students

Are you brand new to creating content for e-learning but would like to create your first online course? This course will show you different approaches and techniques to create and design innovative and effective content....

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A young woman from Japan (who appears to be blind) standing in front of the headquarters of her organization which promotes literacy in Northern Thailand

How to raise funds for your social project?

InstructorYoshimi Horiuchi
Length1 hour
Enrolled47 students

Hands on fundraising training from Yoshimi, a successful changemaker who secured funding for her social cause and is currently running a social organization with 8 employees, 1000+ beneficiaries in Northern Thailand....

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