An activist project initiated by Sonam Mittal

Azaadi is an Indian feminist organization working towards prevention of sexual harassment at workplace, along with challenging sexism, gender roles and stereotypes in Indian media, pop culture and political spaces.



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In 2015, Sonam Mittal was fighting publicly against Greenpeace India for her case of sexual harassment in the workplace. She challenged her employers in the media and raised awareness on the prevalence of rape culture and sexism within Indian organizations, especially Indian non-profit organizations. She was able to fight only because as an activist herself, she had the necessary skills, assertive attitude, counselling services and peer support. Upon realising that many victims do not have access to resources that will help them cope with their trauma, she founded Azaadi (Freedom) in 2015.


Most cases, and the subsequent trauma experienced by the victim, can be avoided through adequate preventive mechanisms implemented in the workplace. One of the most basic legally mandated requirements is a complaints committee. If a functional committee and zero tolerance approach is in place, many employees can have a gender friendly work environment.
Azaadi will conduct audit and profile organizations, while ranking them on gender friendly policies. By publishing this data and creating transparency, Azaadi wants to create media attention, thereby urging them to adhere to higher standards, ultimately leading to increased gender equality in the workplace.



Young, mostly urban, salaried employees


• Identify, approach and bring on board for a pilot project five organizations that represent diversity within the NGO sector, ideally within the same city for easier implementation.
• Develop framework for organizational audit, profiling and survey of employees and senior management across departments and grades.
• Collate data and conduct primary analysis through on-site visits, employee surveys and policy reviews.
• Rank organizations using various parameters from the audit criteria such as Most Gender Diverse - Low Gender Ratio, Working Knowledge of Complaint Mechanism Committee Members, Employee perception towards healthy work environment and so on.
• Publish data and notes on policy drawbacks / loopholes and sector wide recommendations





What does this project need?

  • Human resources needs: Sonam needs one team member and one researcher to work together on auditing and profiling organizations. This process will be an endless cycle and Azaadi would also need volunteers that will help in outreach, data collection, media and social marketing.
  • Material resources needs: Most of Azaadi’s work in online and digital driven. Beyond this, a physical working space is necessary and Sonam Mittal is seeking office equipment’s like table, chairs and cabinets. She also requires few laptops that can be used by volunteers and interns.
  • Financial resources needs: Azaadi relies on a strong team of three skilled and experienced professionals. To sustain their work and to dedicate full focus, they need living expenses of $600 per team member.

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