Victors Academy

A grassroots project initiated by Nicholas Kimuyu

The Victors Academy is an inclusive early Childhood Education Centre focusing on children with and without special needs aged between 3 – 8 years. From 2017 we are expanding to become a fully fielded primary school


Machakos Wote Rd, Kenia

Age Group



Vulnerable Children


As I was growing up, I developed visual problems during my primary school education. I went through stigma and related challenges both at school and home. Many under estimated my potential and abilities and even teachers compelled me to repeat classes even when I had passed to graduate to the next learning grade. The lack of appreciation empathy, conducive learning environment, disgusting stereotypes among other undesirable factors made my education quite challenging.


It is fundamental to appreciate anyone who is abled differently. It is against this backdrop I began the Victors Academy because I believe every child can be a Victor in life but not a victim of circumstances. My vision is to continue providing quality learned centred education and training to bring up a whole rounded individual with high self-esteem and high sense of dignity. Sufficient learning/teaching resources, trained and motivated teachers and conducive learning indoor and outdoor environment are critical in the provision of quality and life changing education.



Since the school began in January 2012 the school has benefited over 90 children. Currently the school has 30 girls and 27 boys. We have 6 teachers, one cook and a grounds man. Other beneficiaries are over 90 parents who have had their kids get quality education. Every year since 2014 we have been having construction works at any given we have a mason and 3 assistants. The school has benefited 3 carpenters who supply furniture to the school.


Our activities are:-
- Early childhood education
- Talent development
- Spiritual development and mentorship
- Games and sports
- Community library
- Environmental improvement – Tree planting
- Enhancing a reading culture


Our major area of success is promotion of a reading culture improved numeracy, improved self-expression and high self-esteem. For instance. For example Faith Makene was brought from another school having been given a poor learning education foundation. We assessed her and placed her in the right class. The girl was previously in a private school which only focused on minting money from the girl’s parent. The girl has improved her reading and writing skills. The girl has new improved sense of worth since she is now experiencing and enjoying success.




Nicholas Kimuyu - Director of Victors Academy School

What does this project need?

  • Human resources needs: Nicholas needs volunteers in non-formal education. To finish construction of his school he also needs skilled volunteers in the field of: construction, design, plastering etc. and an agricultural person for organic gardening.
  • Material resources needs: 2 water tanks of 10,000litres needed for feeding program and organic gardening
    computers, printer, photocopy, scanner needed for the students IT room
    18 seater bus to transport children who walk more than 10km to and from school
  • Financial resources needs: 700 US dollars for connecting the school to electricity
    1000 US dollars for water tank of 10,000litres
    3500 US dollars for construction of a Day Care Center for young kids

How can you help this project?

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